100 nights with Endy

I think its safe to say that sleep is the one thing most of us don’t get enough of ... add a new baby and a growing business on top of that and you really start to appreciate the few hours that you do get.  Knowing that you may not get long periods of sleep but numerous short bursts throughout the night and day, its best to ensure you’re getting the best sleep possible. After all most of the first few months of parenthood are spent in bed as a family. You realize you’re eating, watching movies, taking more photos then you ever though possible, answering emails and occasionally sleeping. 

I have officially spent 100 nights sleeping on my Canadian made Endy mattress and I’m going to be honest, I feel like a real functioning human again. After you come out of the “4th trimester” and start to clock in some solid hours of sleep at one time, you start to remember the magic that a good nights sleep can do for you. A good nights sleep also attributes to more then just grabbing one less coffee the following day, It is where our bodies recover (after all you made a human) and even burn more calories to help with that post baby weight. I had a c-section so my recovery was a little different, the form fitting support that the endy mattress offers helped with this a lot. If you asked my husband this would also be his favourite part. The Endy mattress has little to no weight transfer or movement from person to person and it has this form fitting support that feels like it was custom built for your shape. So when i get up for the occasional night feed he isn’t disturbed by me getting in and out of bed. 

Both the bed itself, and the bedding that endy provided me with, have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and comfort. The mattress breathes so you dont get hot and sweaty which is great since my husband and I like different sleeping temperatures. It's made from a proprietary foam that is temperature neutral unlike memory foam so it doesn’t get hot like your typical memory foam mattress can.

So what makes this company so much better then the next bed in a box company?? 

+  Made in Canada by a Canadian brand

+  Ships to your door in a box and expands once you unroll it ... it also comes with an easy to open box + special blade to open the plastic package so you dont need to worry about cutting the mattress - perfect for a busy new family who doesn’t have time to go pick out a new mattress

+  Little to no weight transfer between people ... this one is for dad ;) 

+  The pillows can be adjusted by removing or adding handfuls of shredded bamboo memory foam. You can also use the excess foam as a travel pillow

+  The sheets get softer with each wash - and no need to iron them, because honestly who has time for that?

If you know me you know my bed is my sanctuary + sometimes doubles as my office, so thankfully the endy family of products takes care of it all - from pillows to sheets they’ve got it covered.  For anyone else that uses their bed as their sanctuary, the Endy team has given me a code for you to use if you’re in search of your next mattress. Simply use AMD50 at checkout to receive $50 off your next order!