Canadian Tire Backyard Makeover

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

Last spring my husband ( Erik) and I purchased our first home, and since day one we knew the backyard needed an overhaul. The fence was falling down, we wanted to add a parking spot  + some structural items needed to be taken care of (never my favourite). This being said we decided if were going to do it let’s DO IT! 

We got lucky that the neighbours on one side of us recently put up a new fence, so when we took down our yellow painted rotting boards we were left with a more contemporary horizontal boarded fence. We decided to mimic this on the opposite fence as well to keep things consistent.  

By pulling down the back fence into the ally this allowed us to use the raised flower bed as a parking spot (im basically a professional parallel parker now). We are fortunate to live in a great neighbourhood so we aren’t afraid to have this space open to the ally, its actually common amongst most of our neighbours on the street. We did however decide to build a little bit of a privacy wall with tall planters that contain ferns (the only plant I cant seem to kill). Down the road we would love to add more of a structural element here such as large fixed planters but for now we are perfectly content. 

Speaking of plants .... the lovely ladies who owned this home to prior to us loved to garden. Us - not so much. We do have a garden bed in the front but we decided to deep-six the garden beds and fill the space with potted plants. It allows for a less cluttered look and im really into the eclectic vibe mixing different terracotta pots has. I’m also obsessed with the set of 3 dotted pots from canadian tire. The sizes are perfect and they look great clustered beside our sofa. I chose to plant lavender in the small one and cant get over the scent. 

Furniture was the next big thing on our list. I know outdoor is expensive, no matter which way you slice it, and we didn’t want something we are going to have to replace every season. Working with the CANVAS brand over the winter I was introduced to many of their new products for summer 2018. I knew as soon as I saw the Kelowna collection I had to have it. It was the perfect mix of clean lines, simple cushions and it was modular so we could design it to fit our space. The frame is made of FSC certified all weather eucalyptus wood and was easy to put together (so my husband says... ha ). The cushions are weather resistant and wont fade with UV rays so you technically can leave them outside in the elements, but we will bring them in or cover them to help extend their life. We mixed in some pillows I had made from fabric I brought back from a trip to Tulum and voila. clean, simple, and very very comfy! We couldn’t decide on a coffee table or fire pit table, so for now we are using a cluster of stumps that Eriks dad cut down for firewood at the sugar shack - thank Karl! We sanded them down and made the tops level, so far they have been a great addition and once we make up our minds we will use them for additional seating and side tables. 

The last item we added into the space were outdoor lights. If anyone knows me they know that they were the first thing on my list when we started this project. Erik makes fun of me for having them on before it gets dark but there is something just so magical about them. The second they turn on it puts a smile on my face.