A fresh take on a classic city home, our clients are two young professionals who wanted that California casual vibe. With limited space in their downtown abode, a flexible floor plan and multi-functional pieces were our top priority. We began with a chic but super comfortable sofa. The slipcover allows our clients to easily maintain it, keeping up up the fresh California vibe. We maximized the space by placing a console table in the small bay window behind the sofa. This freed up floor space on either side of the sofa without the need for traditional side tables. The hand carved stool brings in additional seating when needed and works perfectly for holding after dinner drinks. Utilizing the vertical space, we hung multiple shelves for a collected, but cohesive, art display. The round edges on the mid-century modern coffee table make for better traffic flow in the modest space.

The dining room is both polished and clean. One oversized piece of art creates an obvious focal point without cluttering up the space. We opted for a round dining table for added flexibility when the clients host friends. Storage was a big factor for this project, so we blended the two spaces together with a metallic armoire that acts as a bar for entertaining.

Sophisticated yet approachable, the final result is an urban oasis for our clients.