Zephyr Design Retreat

In October I got the pleasure of attending the sixth annual Zephyr Design Retreat. Not only did I get to meet the talented team that is behind the infamous Zephyr products, but I also got to meet some incredibly talented and inspiring designers and creators. Our itinerary was jam packed, we ate at some of the best restaurants in San Fransicao, we tasted wine in Napa Valley - maybe a little too much wine - is that possible? We spent some time at the Zephyr Design & Experience Center, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Westside Design District. This 7,000 square foot space features a hands-on, immersive, and educational experience after that we headed to Fire Clay Tile and make our own tiles, which was very therapeutic I might add as well as visit & Coup d'état which was so inspiring and completely breathtaking. If you didn't think it could get much better we got to spend 3 nights at the Proper in San Francisco ... bucket list checked.

Now in the midst of these incredible moments we got to take an in-depth look at how the Zephyr products are designed, and what goes into each product design. If you're not familiar with the Zephyr family, they specialize in range hoods, which are an integral part of every kitchen design. Now I've always had a love hate relationship with hood fans, they are usually the first thing we replace when we walk into a clients home. I know what you're all thinking...

How different could a hood fan be? Well not only does Zephyr make beautiful built in hoods, but they make an exposed hood that I actually like. My favourite hood that we saw at the showroom was the Roma Pro with PowerWave Blower Technology. Not only is it the most powerful hood on the market with up to 1300 CFM but it has details of mixed metals including champagne gold pot rails - this is one of those rare times that you don't have to sacrifice beauty for function! With a 6" canopy height and available in two widths, 36" & 48", this hood has everything you need.

The other item that Zephyr has decided to dip their toes in is into wine fridges. I had the same reaction - how do you go from hood fans to wine fridges? Well the owner of Zephyr is a big wine connoisseur, so it was only natural that this would be the next direction the company would head in. Now these aren't your standard wine fridges, these fridges have superior craftsmanship and combine high quality performance with attainable luxury. They are available in stainless as well as black stainless in single and French door styles. Each unit has active cooling technology, full extension wood racks - such a nice upgrade from plastic. One of my absolute favourites was the dual zone full size wine cooler that holds 138 bottles. 138. Its saved in my when I build my dream home file...

So to sum it all up, these 4 days were amazing. I absolutely loved learning about the Zephyr products and how they have become what they are today. Not only are their products top of the line, but they truly create their designs with the overall design asthetic in mind. Its rare to find that these days, especially when you're working with such a utilitarian product. Stay posted in 2020 because we have been working on a few kitchens featuring these beautiful products, as well as a little something special for you - details to come but I can NOT wait to share.

XX - A.