A space designed by Ashley Montgomery has an old world feel in an entirely reimagined way. Carefully-curated, artisan-made, textural, tonal, and timeworn—she composes each space with storied, contrasting elements. The result is organic, collected, and unexpectedly effortless.  


The homes and commercial experiences that Ashley designs are completely bespoke and deeply personal. They are inherently comfortable, beautiful, made for living. Her penchant for creating that elusive, near-tangible feeling of home is what makes her work truly distinctive and easily recognizable. 


Ashley’s vision for each space is made reality with the support of her incredible staff, a collaborative of seasoned designers and full administrative team led by her husband and business partner, Erik. 


With Ashley’s coveted layered style and unique perspective, she has quickly developed a reputation as a tastemaker and source of inspiration in the design community. 



Founder and Principal Designer Ashley Montgomery has more than ten years of experience in the interior design industry. After honing her personal style and process she launched her own studio. In the years since, she has led her team to become one of the most sought-after Canadian design firms. Ashley holds dual degrees in Hospitality and Interior Design, a unique background that translates seamlessly into her daily role as she manages projects and her firm with creativity, professionalism, and authenticity.